Holly Crosby Bio

Holly Crosby is the creator and director of Move Beyond Custom Dance Experiences and Get Rec’d Dance. Within these programs, she shifts the focus of traditional dance spaces to reflect on the long-term health benefits of movement and the joy we find within it. Through these endeavors to support studios, teams, and dancers, Holly works to communicate personal agency for us all to set the stage in how dance moves within our lives through healthy classrooms, programs, workshops, and rehearsals that put people above all else. Holly is a graduate of the University of Kansas School of Education, and she has called both Raleigh, North Carolina, and Overland Park, Kansas home within the last 20 years. As a dance educator, choreographer, guest artist, and studio classroom specialist with 25 years in the dance studio and team industry, she has a passion for movement and inspiring dancers to feel their best in all they do. Holly’s experience lies in developing dancers of all ages from the classroom to performance through thoughtful curriculum, concept development, movement conversations, personal development, and choreography within the areas of jazz, lyrical and contemporary. High-level private studio work, adult dance studio instruction, and all dance/dance team training levels from middle school to collegiate, this combined education and knowledge in teaching have been highly influential. Holly has created a value set classroom and atmosphere based on lifting and motivating those around her, whether students or colleagues, owners, directors, young dancers through adults. Through Move Beyond, Holly is excited to continue using dance to raise the hearts and minds of all while in movement together.